Top Most CPU Intensive Games for PC 2022!

CPU Intensive Games

CPU Intensive Games

Have you got a new gaming setup or PC? Wanna check its strength & capabilities? Well, for such purpose games are the best CPU Intensive Games choices. Games are amongst the best choice because they utilize everything like RAM, ROM, Graphics, etc. In simple words, games can be the best way to corner your PC to the last level.

But not every game can make such efficient checking. For that, you require to play heavy CPU intensive games that actually need components for better performance. Usually, people want to check their PC’s speed & capability but ordinary software isn’t the best choice.

CPU Intensive games consume tons of RAM also because of the graphic to manage visuals. Such games also use High definition audio that creates the game more realistic & amazing. Intensive games are high fps playing games, so you’ll check your system’s strength just by playing these games & what fps category they’re running. Are you thinking to try 1?  If your funds are limited and your PC doesn’t meet the minimum hardware requirements, you can select the best budget gaming CPU to make your experience more immersive.

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Most CPU Intensive Games for PC 2022!

  1. GTA 5 : Grand Theft Auto 5
  2. Resident Evil 7
  3. Call Of Duty : Black Ops 4
  4. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
  5. Mortal Kombat 11
  6. Crysis 3
  7. Anthem
  8. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  9. Quantum Break
  10. Far Cry 5
  11. Forza Horizon 4

Now let me check all CPU Intensive Games In details.

  1. GTA 5
    GTA or Grand Theft Auto 5 may be a well-known gaming series & you would possibly have heard about it. The game’s series was popular since it’s launch & people liked it because at that point it had been a replacement concept almost like Watchdogs. GTA 5 game has been in demand after September 2013 (initial release).

Even in 2020, this game looks surprisingly good because of the other recent AAA titles now. The graphics on this game are one among the highest class plus point and to supply that kinda performance to the game, the CPU and GPU are highly consumed.

GTA 5 comes under CPU intensive games starting from PlayStation, Xbox to other consoles, including PC. However, the initial release version wasn’t compatible with each system but the developers have fixed it. GTA 5 requires hard disc Space from 65 GB to 72 GB & minimum 4GB RAM.

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  1. Resident Evil 7
    If you’re a loving horror game or nerve seizing games then this will be the right one for you. Resident Evil is additionally a series of the game with really scary graphics also as sound effects.

The storyline is sort of realistic & the biohazard series is basically amazing. The story is linear, simple yet scary, you’re a man who is finding his missing wife. You’ve got to seek out your wife while you’re stuck during a really creepy & weird building. You would like to survive by killing monsters (nasty looking creatures), find clues & unlock doors.

After all, you actually need a troublesome enough PC so as to play this game. However, the hard disc space required here is sort of less as compared to GTA. Here you would like a minimum of i5 processor, 8GB RAM & 25 GB hard disc space. Well, your RAM & graphics card is going to be challenged by this game.

  1. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4
    You might have definitely heard about COD or Call Of Duty series. The series is entirely supported the first-person shooter & comes under war games. COD has been developing many versions like classic, modern warfare, ghost, advanced warfare, etc. Black Ops 4 was released in the year 2018.

However, people didn’t love this version as compared to the previous ones. The graphics are damn great & creates a space experience too. within the game, humans are colonizing other planets & this eventually starts a Black Ops against Earth. The game storyline is superb & approximately 70% of individuals liked this game.

However, you actually need a minimum of Intel Core i3-3225, 8 GB RAM & hard disc Space of 70 GB. Surely this may challenge your PC. You’ll also choose COD Black Ops & Advanced Warfare versions. Gamespot Rating:8/10. You’ll also try the Battlefield series!

There’s no Android or iOS version of COD, but there are few basic graphic looking ones. Well, why don’t crack or hack those games easily?

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  1. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
    Assassin’s Creed is additionally one of the foremost popular game series with tons of individuals who like it. The concept of this game is open consistent with its name “Assassin”. Odyssey version got tons of Positive reviews & ratings.

Find uncharted locations, uncover hidden treasures, or cleave your way through entire fleets in naval battles. Customize the design of your ship, upgrade weaponry to fit your strengths, and recruit crewmembers with unique perks, tailoring naval combat to your style.

The game really requires a robust PC because the requirements are heavy. So as to run this game on your PC, you’ll need a minimum of 4GB Graphic Card, 6 GB RAM, i5 Processor & 50 GB hard disc space.

  1. Mortal Kombat 11
    Mortal Kombat may be a fighting based game & if you’re keen on fighting games this game is often best for you. Also, this new game was released with more items, costumes, characters & stages as compared to their previous game.

The all-new Custom Character Variations offer you unprecedented control of your fighters to form them your own. The new graphics engine showcases every skull-shattering, eye-popping moment, bringing you so on the brink of the fight you’ll feel it.

You will also find that the graphics quality of this part “11” is best than it’s predecessors. Your PC must have the minimum of a few of those things, 6GB RAM, 2GB Graphics & 60 GB Free disc space.

Well, does one love XBOX Games? If yes, then don’t buy an XBOX Console because you’ll play it on your PC.

  1. Crysis 3
    Crysis is one of the simplest hardware demanding back at the time when it’s released in 2007 and therefore the Crysis 3 a part of this game was released in 2013 but it’s still a nightmare for several users.

The graphics are outstanding especially once you are introduced to the planet during which you’ve got to play. The environment is fully enriched. The storyline is additionally awesome, of course, it’s the Crysis series but I personally found this game to be my favorite among all other games of the Crysis series.

The gameplay is challenging with aliens and humans combined the combat is different and you’ve got to adapt to both of the enemies to be ready to take them out. Stealth is the best way but its also the toughest way.

Talking about PC games, some games also are available on Android & iOS. So, why not play them on PC also. Yes! Emulators are an excellent source for enjoying mobile games on your PC.

  1. Anthem
    This game has recently launched and one of the main points for this game is that the ultimate graphics and visual quality. Also, this game requires a high-end gaming PC to run normally.

Even in some high-end gaming PCs, Anthem game struggles to run at ultra quality settings. Also, Anthem’s huge, ever-changing world features like unpredictable conditions, hazards, and enemies are pretty great on this game. Combat Challenges as a Team and can join with up to 3 other players and bet into danger with combat that rewards teamwork.

Anthem minimum requires an i5-3570 processor or AMD FX-6350, 8GB ram, 2GB graphics, and 50GB disk drive to run.

  1. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
    One of my all-time favorite game franchise is the Tomb Raider series. I’ve been playing this game ever since the Tomb Raider Anniversary released. And by the time Tomb Raider became the most graphics-intensive AAA game.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider has an ultra-realistic open world crammed with awesome wild animals and terrifying enemies. and therefore the gameplay is additionally one of the simplest I’ve played thus far.

And if you can afford a modern RTX Nvidia graphics card, this game is made with RTX-exclusive real-time raytracing in mind, for those that want the bleeding fringe of technological innovation.

  1. Quantum Break
    Quantum Break is a time manipulation based game. Within the game, you as a player are “Jack Joyce”, a person with time manipulation powers. You’ll freeze time & things expect yourself temporarily. Using this power you’ve got to defeat enemies, escape, etc.

The game is entirely supported by imagination. Also the most antagonist “Paul Serene” possesses all abilities so as to freeze time, his speed is as fast as lightning. the general graphics of the game is awesome. Here you would like RAM up to 8GB, i5 processor, or above & 55 GB free hard disc space.

  1. Far Cry 5
    Far Cry 5 is a game that will certainly beat your Graphics Card. The storyline may be a bit complicated so we won’t discuss it. However, you’ll build your own character & customize them too. Combat adventurous missions, planes, vehicles & epic fights.

Also, check your gaming abilities & stealth skills by sniping out enemies. The game consumes tons of RAM & Graphic Card, so definitely an intensive game. Far Cry 5 requires a minimum 8GB RAM, i5 processor & 50 GB hard disc space. Overall an awesome visuals & graphics game.

  1. Forza Horizon 4
    Forza Horizon franchise is pretty popular when it involves high CPU and GPU demanding games since they only are often played during a high gaming pc.

Though it’s not leaps and bounds greater than Forza Motorsport 7 from a technical perspective, Forza Horizon 4 does amp up the Forza franchise’s general beauty. By taking its cars off the circuit and onto the roads and open fields of the UK, Forza is endowed with an entirely new dimension of environmental splendor.

All the graphical effects of Motorsport 7 are here, with the additional advantage of colorful plains, lush woods, snowy mountain tops, then many other biomes that each one adds an earthy richness to the franchise’s already top-tier weather effects and visuals. Just make certain your PC has quality specs in order that you’ll get the foremost out of Horizon 4.

Few more games:
There are many AAA games that are super fantastic in ultra graphics and here are a number of the honorable mentions when it involves high CPU and GPU Usage.

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S.No. Name Size Minimum RAM
1 FallOut 4 30 GB 8 GB/ 2GB Graphics
2 Witcher 3 40 GB 6 GB
3 Dishonored 2 60 GB 8 GB
4 The Division 40 GB 6 GB
5 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 45 GB 8 GB
6 BioShock the Collection 70 GB 4 GB
7 HellBlade: Senua’s Sacrifice 30 GB 8 GB
8 Destiny 2 68 GB 6 GB
9 WatchDogs 2 25 GB 6 GB
10 Battlefield 5 50 GB 8 GB

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