Types of Bathroom Shower Tiles

Home Improvement Goals

Home Improvement Goals

Everyone wants their bathroom to look elegant and classy. If you’re the one who’s searching for the best ways to decorate your bathrooms, then this is the right place for you. Check out the bathroom shower tiles that you can embed your bathrooms with. The variety, style and amazing prints will definitely sway your heart and you will feel good looking at your bathroom and showering with these  bathroom shower tiles. 

Types of shower tiles material

Do you know that there are various types of tiles available in online stores? You can choose the best wall and floor tiles according to your needs from the different types of tiles available in the market.

1. Porcelain tiles

These shower tiles are considered expensive but are more durable other than the ceramic or clay tiles. Thus, it’s less likely to chip and is suited for heavy usage areas like bathroom floors. There’s another big point about porcelain tiles, there’s a lot of flexibility and design options available and these come in a higher range of colors, sizes, styles and finish. The options are endless and you can easily choose the one that’s the best for heavy usage areas. 

2. Marble tiles

Have you ever seen anything more stunning or timeless than the marbles? No, you might not have! Who hasn’t heard about the beauty of Kolkata marble? It’s obviously not the best choice when it comes to durability or affordability. This is because marble is a very soft stone and it might be absorbent but is not the best suited for wet areas and floors. Marble flooring is beautiful for less humid environments. 

3. Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are the ones that are designed from the same material just like the porcelain but are finely ground. It means they are not very durable but you can seal them properly to make them durable and affordable. 

4. Limestone tiles

If you want to use limestone in your bathroom, this must be sealed well because it’s quite porous. In case you want a soft and natural look, go for limestone flooring but for more durability, you’ll have to choose something else. 

5. Slate tiles

Slate is perfect for the places with high traffic zones. It’s impossible to chip or scratch because it’s a natural stone that is quite costly and won’t date from the design viewpoint. It has to be maintained regularly. However, if you want to use it in the bathroom, it’s a very great choice. 

6. Vinyl

You can go for this option for the lower-cost alternative. It’s practical and super easy to clean plus awesome for homes who have kids at their place. The installation cost is less than the ceramics or porcelain but it doesn’t have to be expensive at all because of the beautiful finish that it offers. Skip the vinyl flooring on your bathroom if you want something elegant for yourself while you shower. 

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To summarize, there are endless possibilities and options when it comes to subway tiles. It all depends on the look that you’re going for. If you want an understated look like the classic white tiles, you must go for a wiser choice in terms of tiles. The color subway shower tiles are definitely going to make a lasting impression on your bathroom.

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