Comely Wigs can be built in a few different ways. The way a wig cap is constructed and designed effects are based on:

  • The general shape of the hair
  • The amount of attention it offers
  • The hairstyle options you will have when you wear it

How to choose hair

And not all wig types will be suitable for everyone. The type of wig you choose is really significant. It will control how it will look on anyone, the hairstyles you can pull off while trying it, how natural it seems, and how contented it is to wear. Some types of comely hairs are best for women with diminishing hair who just need a boost in fullness, volume, and perhaps longer. Some are pitched toward women who want to totally transform the look of their hair texture, length, color, and style. Other types of wigs are planned to look as natural as possible for different parting choices and hairstyle options. Not only are there dissimilar types of wigs for you to choose from but there are also dissimilar types of wig hair fibers. Wig hair fibers can also be real human hair, virgin hair, Remy human hair, synthetic hair, or heat-friendly synthetic hair. 

Different types of the wig hair fiber  

Human Hair Wigs

Human comely hair wigs feature many real human hairs from donors. Human hair is used to give wigs the most usual-looking appearance and make styling and care more alike to how you would generally treat your own hair. Human hair wigs cost more than wigs made with synthetic hair because contributed human hair is much more limited in supply now. Human hair wigs can be heat-styled like natural hair. But it still needs to use a heat protectant to avoid damaging the hair in the wig. You can expect a real human hair wig to last about a year or more with good maintenance and care. Human hair that is not branded as virgin may have already been chemically processed like colored, permed, or can be chemically treated prior to being attached to the wig, so it is not recommended to color, curl, or chemically straighten a human hair wig. 

Virgin Human Hair Wigs

Virgin human hair is more expensive than basic human hair because it has never been processed either while it is on the donor’s head or during the wig manufacturing process. It is harder to get virgin hair contributions and supply is always limited, so this type of human hair often costs more. Virgin human hair is high quality and is extensively regarded as one of the best options for wigs. If anyone plans to chemically process a wig to make it nicer you will want to spring for a virgin human hair wig that will not have already been damaged by chemicals. 

Remy Human Hair Wigs

Remy human hair wigs are an additional option if you want the real deal. Remy’s hair is human hair that has been collected in a package with all hair fibers running in the same direction. This is done by safeguarding the hair with an elastic band before cutting off the hair to be given. By keeping the hair hustled and contained before cutting, the hair fibers stay pointed in a similar direction which is what Remy’s hair is all about. When all the fibers go the same way, the hair looks glossier, smoother, and much more natural. It is also softer and less likely to knot. For these joint reasons, real Remy hair lasts the longest of wig hair fiber up to two years. Remy’s hair is costlier than basic human hair, and virgin Remy hair is the most luxurious form of human hair for wigs. 

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic hair fibers are used to make more affordable wigs that feel and look like real human hair. The appearance and texture aren’t perfect, but many good-quality wigs with synthetic hair fibers do a great job creating a close estimate of human hair. Basic synthetic hair is not very heat-friendly. The synthetic material will melt if we bare it to high heat and we can not style it with hot tools. It will have no flat irons, curling iron, curling wands, or any hair dryers. Synthetic wigs are frequently pre-styled, so as long as you can correctly store and care for the wig, you can expect it to last about 6 months. 

Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair Wigs

Heat-friendly synthetic wig hair is a healthier option for most women looking for reasonable synthetic wig options. This special hair fiber is able to endure the heat from hair dryers, curling iron, and flat iron to give you more styling options. 


However, each time anyone uses a hot tool on hair, it loses a little more of its toughness. You can expect any synthetic hair to last three months or less if you heat it daily.

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