Tired of giving out your personal number on the internet for account verification? Then this post is a godsend for you!

Creating and verifying accounts on the internet often requires you to provide your phone number. This has become a common practice for many services and applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Phone number verification is indeed helpful for technology firms since it reduces errors, prevents spam, and confirms authenticity. However, using your personal number on the internet raises privacy concerns and makes your mobile number susceptible to promotional calls and messages.

Today, 70% of the global population can be identified with their phone numbers. Firms also prefer keeping a database of their users and prospects for sustenance and expansion of business. More so, there are a few organizations that collect and cell phone numbers from third parties.

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So what’s the alternative? The answer is virtual phone numbers

Virtual numbers are 3rd party numbers that can be used to verify your identity on different web portals and sites. They help you register your account securely and verify yourself without divulging your personal details. With virtual phone numbers, you can get local, regional, or international phone numbers for quick account confirmations.

Best Virtual Phone Number Apps For Account Confirmations 2

Luckily, today there are several applications, both free and paid, that help you generate virtual telephone numbers and get OTPs to set up your account instantly. Given below is a list of the best applications that help you create virtual contact numbers:

  • Burner 

Burner is a paid application that allows you to create a private burner mobile number that you can separate from your actual contact number. You can easily use virtual phone number generated on this application for account registration, buying or selling things online, and while filling forms. Moreover, you can also share it with your temporary acquaintances and contacts to make calls and send text messages.

Once you sign up on Burner, the application provides you a sample phone number for seven days with 40 complimentary text messages and 20 minutes of free talk time. If you like using it, you can choose between different packages that suit your needs. It allows you to create several virtual telephone numbers, which you can use for business and personal purposes.

  • Textnow

If you’re looking for an application that allows you to make inexpensive international calls and messages, Textnow is the application for you. Textnow allows you to call numbers in 230 countries for rates as low as $ 0.01 per minute. Hence, you can use it for account confirmations as well as contacting your international clients.

Textnow allows you to share multimedia files and voicemails while keeping your messages secure with a password. The application, however, is geo-restricted, meaning that you can only download it from 3rd party websites.

  • Talkatone

Talkatone provides you with a free US virtual phone number of your choice and allows you to use it for as long as you want. The application enables you to make and receive free calls and messages to US numbers and lets you sign in without entering your existing phone number. You can sign up with Talkatone using just your email address and purchase credits within the app for outgoing calls and messages.

  • Nextplus

Nextplus enables you to make unlimited calls and messages with a free phone number that you can also use for account confirmations. It allows users to stay in touch with their contacts throughout the world without spending a penny and generate a US phone number in a few seconds.

Once you register your account on Nextplus, you can get a US virtual telephone number from your desired state and area code. Additionally, it allows you to change your number once if you aren’t happy with the number assigned. 

  • HushedA

Hushed is a paid application that offers you a disposable virtual number that you can use to call in 40+ countries worldwide, including the US, Canada, and the UK. It allows you to keep your number hidden while making calls and provides you with weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly calling plans to choose from.

Hushed offers you a free-of-cost number upon sign-in, with 20 free minutes and 20 text messages valid for three days. After that, you can purchase virtual telephone numbers for as low as USD 1.99.

  • 2ndline

If you’re living in the US or Canada, 2ndline enables you to have a second virtual number to make free calls and texts to anyone in those two countries. 2ndline is free to use for Android users in the US and Canada, but they still need to upgrade to the premium package for making international calls.

  • Sideline

Sideline is a flexible and feature-rich personal communication application that lets you contact your overseas clients and teams inexpensively. Available only on Android, Sideline helps you create your custom virtual phone number with the desired area code. It is ideal for small business owners who want to expand their brand while keeping their business and personal lives separate.


There are several tools and applications that are offering virtual phone number services to users. However, the majority of them do not offer phone number encryption. As a result, they get rejected by many websites. Hence it is best to enquire about the type of virtual numbers they provide. Furthermore, free services often have hidden risks that are invisible to the uninitiated. Therefore, your choice of a virtual number for account verification should be based on user reviews, observation, and personal research.

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