The Internet has become a competition for free movie streaming websites! But finding a trustworthy website is like finding a pin in a haystack. Today, we are reviewing another popular website streaming for a long time; Vumoo! 


Vumoo has been a free streaming platform providing services for a long time, many websites are banned, but Vumoo stays for a long time. Everyone wants to watch movies for free; however, Vumo is not only for blockbuster movies, but you can also watch TV shows, news, sports etc. 

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However, Vumoo has changed its domains multiple times. This time, it’s working on

Why is Vumoo popular? 

It’s been popular since 2019! Many streaming websites were taken down, but Vumoo was still streaming without any problem. Vumoo also has 10000+ movies and shows on their website; apart from that, you can watch live shows in HD quality! 

Apart from that, Vumoo has been part of leaking movies and shows pre-release, making it popular among users. Shows and movies include; 

Aquaman, Breaking Bad, Beauty and the Beast, black Panther, Deadpool, Endgame, Frozen, Walking Dead, Harry Potter,  Jumanji and many more. Now you know why Vumoo is popular among the people.

Features of Vumoo: 

What are features which make Vumoo appealing and popular? We are discussing below:

Large collection: 

Vumoo has a massive collection of movies, shows, web series etc. It’s said that around 10,000+ content is readily available to watch on Vumoo without any restriction for entirely free.

  • Easy Interface: 

Sometimes complex website features become a failure of the website. But Vumoo has an easy user interface, a regularly updated database, and smooth navigation. They also have developed a lightning bolt sign which indicates the faster download of specific movies. Cool right? 

  • Unlimited downloading and streaming:

Some websites may limit how much to watch in a day! But Vumoo has no limits on downloading and streaming. You can stream all day all night without a problem! You can use any device to watch or download shows or movies without paying a dime. But for downloading, you may need to sign up before continuing to download. 

  • No registration: 

Vumoo requires no registration for watching the content online. Because hackers can be anywhere, they hack website databases where our password, email, banking details are mentioned, and this information can be used against our will. 

Is Vumoo legal? 

It doesn’t matter how famous the website is if it’s not legal! So is Vumoo legal? The answer is ‘No’ Vumoo is an illegal website because all the content is copyrighted. Many countries worldwide have strict copyright infringement laws working. Vumoo allows users to watch and download shows and movies illegally, which also makes you part of their illegal activity. 

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However, Vumoo doesn’t have its storage. They provide links to other websites from where you can watch for free. 

Does Vumoo have a mobile application? 

You may be wondering if Vumoo has an app for mobile versions. No, Vumoo hasn’t released its iOS or Android play store version. It’s only available on the web. But you can download your favourite movie and watch it later whenever you are free. 

Does Vumoo have ads? 

Any free streaming website, including Vumoo, generates revenue by their annoying ads and pop-ups, which appears all across the website. 

Whenever a user tries to click on the website, the unwanted pop-ups appear and take the user to some other website which makes the website pretty problematic. These types of advertisements make the website unsafe for anyone. 

If you want to stop these ads and pop-ups, you can use proxy servers or a pop-up blocker. They block the ads automatically so they won’t appear again and again. However, this is the only way these websites earn to keep running. 

What are the video qualities of Vumoo:

There are always assumptions on the video quality of the illegal free streaming website that it will be deficient. But we are here to assure that vumoo provides quality from 360 to HD. However, the video quality depends on our internet speed if we download or watch it online. You can also choose the quality before downloading the show or movie.

Vumoo alternative: 

Following are a pretty good alternative to Vumoo. So if Vumoo is not available, you can choose any of the below websites: 

  • 123Movies: 123Movies has been trending for a long time. It’s an excellent choice to watch all series. This site comprises extensive catalogues, blockbuster movies, tv shows, web series etc. 
  • Fmovies: Fmovies is also a renowned website and an excellent alternative to Vumoo. They also have a vast library. The advantage is that they updated their library regularly. A user is annoyed with Ads, which you can use as a blocker for that.
  • AZMovies: Another great alternative, AZMovies uploads new content every week, and you can discover some of your favourite movies that are not available on other websites. The content is mainly from the best-paid streaming website like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and HBO. 


We have covered all the aspects related to Vumoo. Vumoo has undoubtedly gained so much popularity in the coming years, and who doesn’t love the free website. You can use Vumoo without any disturbance and enjoy your time. 

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