Live Streaming is one of the technologies that hasn’t been with us for long. However, it continues to garner traction and attention to those on the lookout for delivering their content. The influence is from early adopters of the live stream, such as Gary Vaynerchuk,

 among other high-profile influencers. This industry is expected to skyrocket in future flipping content production. 

However, in this article, we shall discuss the benefits of live streaming with powerful forms such as Twitch, YouTube among others. 

Users Get Your Content on Time 

One of the advantages of using live streams is that people can consume your content. This will be on your time and not their time. Therefore, if you are using a major platform such as Twitch, you can improve your audience when you buy these services at StreamOz

In addition, you will be engaging with those followers caring about you or your brand and those who find your content useful. Moreover, you will automatically target your content to those who are likely to follow or convert. All you need is to have the right streaming platform

No Overcrowding 

The advantage of live streaming platforms is that they continue to grow over time. The current platforms are over-populated. But the good thing is, it hasn’t come to a point where it’s not worth using streaming channels. 

Video streaming channels are gaining traction; thus, more use them daily. However, a good example is the Facebook platform. The timeline became over-competitive, forcing Facebook to make tweaks to the algorithm. Therefore, only a few people are left to see your organic posts. It is something happening to live streaming

So, if you have content and want it to reach the relevant audience through a live stream, it’s time to act. 

Reaching Targeted Niches 

Something unique about live streaming is that it requires more commitment from followers. This is because they need to be there on your time, that is, regardless of their geographical location. Consequently, you can use an automatic filter that will help keep away unrelated audiences. In addition, it’s unlikely that more people who will be interested in your content will join your chat. 


The other advantage of using a streaming platform to reach your audience is because it’s incredibly cheap. The amazing thing, it’s completely free. 

To stream live, you don’t have to invest in special hardware or equipment. With your smartphone or laptop and camera, then choose a reliable platform to get an active account. There are many platforms you can use, including periscope and Facebook.  In the past, traditional blogging or content production required you to have a set of software programs. But today, live streaming is easy to access with a few clicks. 

Less Time to Produce 

A study reported that it could take an average of two hours to write a blog post of fewer than 500 words. So, to produce 1,500 to 2,000 words, it will take you 4-8 hours. However, the content will not be comprehensive and thus not generating a lot of exposure. This is because the audience can read it in less than 5 minutes. 

According to traditional video production, the data varies. It may take you 2-3 hours to create and edit simple vlogs.On the other hand, there is a significant difference in producing live video. For a 4 minutes video, you will need 4 minutes to make the video. Therefore taking less time than other forms of reaching your audience. 

Real-Time Engagement

The other advantage of live streaming is that it can offer your audience real-time user engagement. This is a significant reason that makes live streaming create a dent in content marketing. You can therefore have time to join a direct conversation with followers. Perhaps you are a music content creator, people who love your music can follow and share your content. 

An added advantage of live streaming is that the audience gets the current information. Whenever you read a blog post, you will be reading the work from the content creator but of the past. 

However, live streaming will not only provide real-time benefits to your audience; it allows your business to provide live support.

The Ability Of Repurposing Content 

This point applies to all types of content. That’s because live videos are easily transformed into other content forms. You can publish video transcription to your personal blog, reproduce it on YouTube, among other ways. It means your choices are limitless. 

Nonetheless, you are advised to repurpose your content to broaden your message reach. This makes live streaming essential for your content production. 


As you may have noticed in this content, live streaming is an essential and powerful method of sharing content. The good thing, there are numerous platforms for life streaming your content. 

However, live streaming is similar to other marketing mediums. It has various pitfalls and challenges you will experience. 

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