There are many different opinions and thoughts concerning what about games in 2021, considering that 2020 had been a pretty rough year for everyone. In the gaming industry alone, many games’ launch had been delayed. What will Sony, Xbox, or Nintendo do in 2021? What to expect next? Will there be new development going on? Can everyone expect new prospect in 2021? Will there be new games ever?

What Happened in 2020

To say that 2020 was a bad year isn’t completely true (or right). Sure, it may be a tough year for everyone, but then again, gamers could still enjoy new games like The Last of Us 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Animal Crossing New Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima, and many others. There were also many third-party games as well as indie games. Not to mention that Xbox and PlayStation had launched their new system.

But then again, not everything is about rainbows and unicorns. Despite all of those good things, everything had gone pretty rough. Some games had been delayed, such as Cyberpunk. Xbox didn’t make it with Halo Infinite. Nintendo had been super quiet about everything although there were rumors about Super Mario 3D World being available soon in 2021 (or will there?). Many people have been skeptical about Metroid Prime 4 or Breath of the Wild 2 – whether they are going to finally launch. Not to mention that Zelda has been delayed like forever.

Pandemic and Global Gaming Condition

Newzoo, the most trusted eSports and gaming sources in the world (especially when it comes to market research and analytics), has been doing studies from 2012, and they believe that 2021 would be the year where the global gaming industry will slightly ‘shrink’ because of the global situation. It’s not something to be panicky about. It’s just a momentary moment of ‘sky is falling’ that resulted from many factors and reasons, especially from what had happened in the few years back.

You see, the gaming industry had its huge boom and hit in 2020 where it had reached $177.8 billion of revenue. According to Newzoo, the revenue in 2021 may decline slightly to $175.8 billion. It was ‘only’ a small decline, but then again, it is hard to beat 2020’s pandemic and ‘success’. That’s why it is understandable why such a setback is considered something that no one should be worried about. It’s just the industry has never experienced any setback since 2012, and what happens in 2021 is quite a new thing.

Many gaming enthusiasts and experts view this declining condition as something unique, but it’s not something worth worrying in the longer term. After all, everyone admits that 2020’s pandemic took a huge impact in the growth of gaming sector. With COVID-19 (related) lockdown, people tried to find ways to enjoy themselves while staying at home, sparking up new interest in gaming – in all platforms and regions. Those who can’t watch sports events or go outside are forced to stay indoor and turn to playing games.

Good or Bad News

But then again, whereas some things are considered good things, some turn out not-so-good for other people. Let’s not forget that the way people work and perform their tasks also affect a lot of thing. Since most everyone has to work from home, the same thing also happens to gaming studios. Big games that were planned to release in 202 had been delayed until the end of 2021 and even 2022. It definitely affects the quality of the game as well as players’ enthusiasm. As if the problem didn’t stop there, supply chains (on the global level) continue to be disrupted and obstructed by the pandemic. It resulted in the short supply of (high-end) graphic cards and (latest) chips needed for PCs and new game consoles.

What about games or Agen Bola in 2021? Based on the forecasts made by Newzoo, the market for PC games may likely decline up to 2.8% to $35.9 billion in the year 2021. Moreover, Newzoo also predicts that around $2.6 billion would be spent for browser games while around $33.3 billion would be spent for boxed or downloaded games. What about the consoles? It may experience decline to 8.9% reaching around $49.2 billion.

Gaming delays don’t only affect the publishing and development (within the global market), but it also affects high production values’ games involving big teams working together. The (next generation) consoles and their lineups have been affected by the pandemic, and the disruptions seem to continue up to even 2022.

Not only it affects the games and the enthusiasm, but it brings negative impact to the hardware. Newzoo predicts that shortage of components and hardware will likely bring negative impact, especially related to consumer spending on console and PC games.

What May Happen in 2021?

Everyone believes that big names like Sony or Nintendo will still ‘do something’ during this harsh time despite the obstacles and difficulties. For instance, Nintendo may likely focus on Switch and have at least one port from it. Will they also focus on another focus? It’s possible. And let’s not forget that Zelda is celebrating its 35th anniversary. It’s hard to believe that Nintendo would pass up the opportunity to do something grandeur or memorable.

So, what about games in 2021? It’s possible that it would be a year for Final Fantasy 16. It’s also likely that Ratchet and Clank will also launch in 2021. Nintendo may be super quiet about everything, but they are known to make surprise. It’s possible that they are preparing something (or some things) super big. Who knows? So, we can’t really know the details about what about games in 2021 – we just have to wait.

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