The PAX 2 Vaporizer features a smaller frame and oven chamber and longer battery life. The PAX Lab is committed to creating the best portable vaporizers on the market, and the PAX 2 Vaporizer carries this commitment. Even better is that you can try out the PAX 2 Vaporizer with a 60-day trial in their To the Cloud service.

Easy to load

One of the great things about the Pax 2 Vaporizer is its convection heating system. You can expect the heating chamber to be hot for about a minute, and the mouthpiece is easy to load. This device is designed to work best with a medium grind and pack, and the convection heating mechanism will allow hot air to circulate throughout the chamber. Users can easily load and clean their PAX 2 Vaporizer with just a wipe of isopropyl alcohol.

Long battery life. 

The ultra-portable PAX 2 Vaporizer also has very long battery life. While vaping, you will not be drawing attention to yourself and your device. You can easily switch between four vape temperatures, and it has an AI co-pilot that will automatically detect when you are vaping. With a battery life of eight hours, the PAX 2 is an excellent option for daily vaping. 

The PAX 2 has several hidden features, including Party Mode and Stealth Mode.

To activate stealth mode, shake the device before turning it on and during the startup sequence. Stealth mode will make the lights on the unit glow a white colour, and you must turn it off to exit the mode. The PAX 2 also has built-in games. Turn the device on to play a light show while holding it horizontally.

The PAX 2 offers good vapour quality, and it creates big, thick clouds and performs well overall. However, if you’re using your PAX 2 Vaporizer a lot, be prepared to clean the mouthpiece frequently. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your vaping session without the worry of leaking or burning. But if you’re a beginner, the PAX 2 Vaporizer may not suit you.

The PAX 2 Vaporizer has four pre-set temperature settings, a range of 360-420 degrees F or 182-210 degrees C. However, the temperature setting for the PAX 2 Vaporizer fluctuates wildly – a bit too hot for some people and too cold for others.

Easy to clean

To clean a PAX 2 vaporizer, you can follow simple steps. First, remove the screen by sliding the pipe cleaner down the vape tube. You can also use a pipe cleaner to clean out the internal oven screen. The interior oven screen looks like a flat piece of silver metal. After cleaning the screen, you can wipe it clean using rubbing alcohol. Make sure to use a small cup to contain the alcohol.

Overusing PAX 2 vaporizer without cleaning may clog the chamber, making it challenging to clean and developing a smell of resin. Therefore, if you have a PAX 2 vaporizer, clean it properly to avoid unpleasant smells.

Another thing to consider is how often you clean the PAX 2. While you can use the oven screen for several months before needing a new screen, you should clean it every few sessions. Regular cleaning preserves the flavour, and it also ensures the best performance. You can have a cleaner, flavorful session with your PAX 2 vaporizer by following these steps.

Cleaning the vaporizer can be done using simple tools such as paper towels and pipe cleaners. It would help if you also used pre-soaked ethanol wipes and grime stix, cotton swabs with a cleaning solution inside. Once you’ve cleaned the vaporizer, you can wipe off the residue with paper towels. It doesn’t hurt to wipe away the grime if you want to keep the vapour quality high.

The PAX 2 is simple to clean, but you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the oven screen. Using a pipe cleaner or a piece of pipe will help you remove debris and keep the vapour path clean. The mouthpiece and concentrate pad should be removed before cleaning. Using a pipe cleaner or a piece of pipe cleaner, you can pop out the oven screen. Then, soak the mouthpiece and oven screen in isopropyl alcohol. Finally, make sure to keep the mouthpiece and the oven lid separated.

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