In order to curb the increasing risk of the new Covid-19 variant, many countries have again started tightening quarantine restrictions. Many countries have either closed their borders or put severe travel limitations. Folks are being told to stay home and maintain strict social distancing measures. If you are one of those poor souls who has to quarantine again then you remember well how last time went and know well how you are going to spend your time, but if that is not the case then we have some ideas for you to explore. These tips certainly helped us and they might do the same for you, so give them a shot.

Learn a new language

Have you ever felt the need to understand the local language while on vacation? Then you now have the opportunity to teach yourself a new language: Whether Italian, French or Spanish. There is a suitable manual for every language, consisting of books, audio CDs, MP3 downloads and software. So you can approach a new culture step by step, if you haven’t done this already, try it now.

Clean up your apartment

Use the time at home to finally clear the ship again. Try the KonMari method: In the Netflix series “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”, the tidying expert explains how you can create more order in your apartment in the long term. The idea is very simple: keep everything that means something to you – and part with any objects for which you no longer have any use. 

Try your hand at origami

Do you want to master the art of paper folding? The folding technique, which originated in Japan, is a wonderful activity – for adults and children. It promotes creativity and demands time, patience and concentration. And you should have enough of them right now. All you need is the right paper and instructions to create two- or three-dimensional objects. There are no limits to the possibilities.

Play a board game

What could help against boredom better than a game? If you don’t live alone or are forced to avoid contact with others – such as your partner or roommate – there are a variety of entertaining board games that are fun and get your head thinking: 

Start yoga

If you’d rather do something for your physical fitness and don’t necessarily want to go to your doorstep, you can try yoga. Even if the Indian doctrine serves the purpose of inner relaxation (although this cannot be wrong in these times), the exercises are nevertheless strenuous. 

Try your hand at sewing

Do you have a sewing machine but can’t sew? Then it is high time – use the isolation to make your first sewing attempts. Everything you need for sewing can be found on the Internet, from fabric samples to sewing thread and even a new machine (if you don’t have your own). 

Reveal your Inner self

One way to spend time on the internet is to do fun quizzes. I am sure by this time you have tried them all, like “Which Harry Potter character are you?” or “What is your spirit animal?” We are sure those are fun, but that is not what we are talking about. Try the actual scientific tests like “Difficult person test” or others like it and find out the very best and worst in you.

Read an exciting book

Many people rarely come to read in everyday life – except on vacation. So why not just use the quarantine to read a book? There are certainly numerous works on your personal to-do list that you have always wanted to “work through” but simply didn’t have the time for.

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