Right now, the most popular application across the world for chatting is WhatsApp. It was launched in October, 2010. With over 5 billion+ downloads on the Android platform, this application has surpassed every messaging app that has ever existed. It is a very easy-to-use app and made messaging and calling easier than ever before. Also, its versatility has given it huge popularity. Unlike other android chatting apps, it has a website version known as WhatsApp web. WhatsApp web is a web-based client providing you flexibility to use this app on the browser of your computer making chatting on it much more convenient. In the year 2014, Facebook purchased this messaging for a total of $16 billion and now it is available on all major platforms.

It enables user across the world to send text and voice messages as well as media including pictures, videos, audios, gifs, documents and other type of files free of cost and quite efficiently. The availability of WhatsApp web has made it much easier for those who are more attracted towards computers and laptops. Originally, it was introduced as a mobile application but after Facebook purchased it, they rolled out WhatsApp web. This web application is an extension of mobile application and it displays chats and conversations available on phone. WhatsApp has a very tight security so WhatsApp web does not transfer any of your chats to the device on which you are using WhatsApp web.

How to use WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp web is accessed by authenticating using the personal QR code available on the browser screen. The internet on your phone is supposed to be on through out the time you are using WhatsApp web as it, itself is not an app but it is a mirror of WhatsApp that is on your mobile phone. This means, both devices have to have internet connection to allow use of WhatsApp web.

Go to the website web.whatsapp.com. Here you will be welcomed by a QR code on the right half of the browser screen. This code is there for you to scan it on your mobile phone to give WhatsApp web access to your WhatsApp application. To scan, open WhatsApp on your mobile phone, tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner and you will see a drop-down menu. Here, on the third number, we have an option Link Devices, click on that. Now, you will see your WhatsApp web active sessions (if any) and below that you will see an option Link a device. Click on it and the scanner appears. Make sure that you do not cut out the QR code and you scan it under proper lightning arrangements to avoid any trouble with scanning.

Once you are done, on your desktop screen, you see all the chats of WhatsApp. On the left part of screen, you will see all your chats. Click on the contact you would like to chat with and there you go. Start chatting! Since these chats are end-to-end encrypted so, other users do not get notified that you are using WhatsApp web. Note that WhatsApp web does not support calling yet, so all callings can only be done on your mobile phone.

How to edit profile on WhatsApp web

You have scanned the QR code and now you are logged in into your WhatsApp account. On Top left, you will see your current profile picture of WhatsApp. Click on it. Click on Upload photo if you have one to upload or click on take photo if you want to click and upload it.

To change your name on WhatsApp, on the same page you will see your name with a pencil icon under your profile picture. Click on the pencil icon to edit it and save it.

In the same way, below your name is where you see you About with a pencil icon. Click on the pencil icon to edit and update it.

How to enable dark mode on WhatsApp web

WhatsApp has not rolled out the dark mode feature for WhatsAppweb. However, we can enjoy this feature by a small hack using the inspect element option on browser. With the WhatsApp web window open on your browser, Right click anywhere to have some options appearing on the screen. Click on Inspect element. Look out for body class= “web”. Right click on this line and click on edit. Rewrite this part to body class = “web dark”. Click anywhere on the screen or hit enter to apply changes. Now you can enjoy dark mode on WhatsAppweb.

Pros of using WhatsApp Web

Now that you have connected your devices and you are logged into WhatsApp web, you no longer need to use your phone to send or receive messages or media. You do not need to switch to your phone to reply now. This makes it very convenient for those individuals who are more inclined towards using PCs and Laptops instead of mobiles or tablets.

One noticable benefit you get with WhatsApp web is that now you can use your physical keyboard and can type much faster than you do on your mobile phone. This is quite helpful when you are dealing with someone formally and has to reply quickly and efficiently.

Also, on WhatsApp web, you can easily share files by dragging it from its location and dropping it on to the browser with a desired chat opened on WhatsApp web. Unlike mobile phone, you do not have to browse and select files. Just open the file location, drag it to the browser icon on the task bar and when the browser window appears, drop it. Now you can send it with any message that you would like to send along with it. Note that any files you receive will have to be downloaded manually by clicking on it and on mobile, it can be downloaded automatically if the respective settings have been done.

Cons of Using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp web does not support audio and video calling. This means you have to switch to your mobile phone in order to make or attend a call which is definitely something you would not want to do. But this feature is soon to be added by WhatsApp and should be available in the near future.

The dependency of WhatsApp web on mobile can be classified as one of its cons. Since, WhatsApp web mirrors the mobile application of WhatsApp, this means that your phone has to stay active and also be connected to the internet to allow you to use WhatsApp web. This means that without availability of your mobile phone, you are not able to use it.

Unlike mobile application, you cannot upload statuses on WhatsApp web. What you can do is only view the statuses of your contacts.

WhatsApp web is currently not compatible with all browsers except some including Internet explorer.

Final Words

WhatsApp web is a handy tool for those who prefer Desktops or laptops over mobile phones. Also, those who work on laptops and want to avoid being distracted by their mobile ringing or want to avoid switching from mobile to laptop or pc may find it very productive despite its cons. We can see that there are rooms for improvement in WhatsApp web and we hope that the important features become available as soon as possible.

Note: You can enjoy calling and all other features of WhatsApp mobile on desktop by using an Android emulator, Bluestacks. Download it from bluestacks.com and Open WhatsApp. Register your mobile number and you are ready to use it now. Note that once registered, your WhatsApp will stop working on previously registered device as WhatsApp does not support multi device feature yet. So, it means, If you do it, you will not be able to use WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

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