In the late 1940s when television sets were first being sold, there was a limit to the number of channels that could be broadcast over-the-air. In order to get more programming choices for viewers, cable TV was created. The idea behind it is simple: a company owns a network of cables and installs them near neighborhoods with televisions in homes.

They then use these cables to transmit signals from broadcasters over long distances, allowing people in different locations to watch different programs at the same time. This system also meant that when one channel broadcasts something live, others can show prerecorded content or even “time shift” by recording an upcoming program and airing it later when they choose. Cable TV has been around since 1948.

When did cable TV start? This is a great question and we have the answer. The first ever broadcast of television took place on November 2, 1928 when John Logie Baird demonstrated his invention to representatives from Daily Express newspaper in London.

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