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Which one is best: Front loader or Top loader washing machine?

best washing machine

best washing machine

The presence of a washing machine in an average household is nothing new. Since the late ’90s, when washing machines made a debut to most households and family units across the globe, they have been indispensable. Since then, the global annual sales of washing machines have seen a steady rise, promoted by attractive advertisements and frequent users. Washing machines have come a long way, and developments have been made to increase its efficiency and necessity in every household

If you’re a regular to electronic fairs and stores, then you must have come across the dilemma of choosing between a front loading washing machine and a top loading washing machine. And if you are planning to buy a washing machine yourself, the question must already have popped up or you wouldn’t have been here. In this article you shall find a guide in choosing the best washing machine in India, and answer the dilemma: Front loader or Top loader washing machine? 

Top Loader Washing Machines v/s Front Loader Washing Machines

Before you make a decision of purchasing a washing machine, this article will help you choose between a front loading and a top loading washing machine. 


Top Loader washing machines have been in the vogue since the time washing machines revolutionized the way we do our laundries. The top Loader washing machines are of the traditional models which were meant to scrub clothes with soap and detergent and water. They are convenient for everyday use as they can be loaded at ease, while standing up at an ideal height, in contrast to the front loaders, which require the user to bend down while setting your clothes for a wash.

 Though most front loading washing machines have been elevated in terms of their height for convenience, even the best front load washing machines still need the user to bend or crouch down. Top loaders also provide you with the facility of adding more clothes right after starting the cycle, or even  mid-cycle. They can also effectively collect lint and distribute fabric softener more readily than front loading washing machines. 

Time taken:

Top Loading washing machines usually come with an agitator, which shakes and forces water through the fabrics, therefore accelerating the washing process. They are typically used by users who prefer a quick wash where the laundry is completely immersed in water. 

Front loaders on the other hand are equipped with a deep cleaning technology that is more time consuming, and cannot be relied on in times of rush. 

Quality of cleaning:

While top loader washing machines provide more convenience in terms of time taken, they cannot always maintain high standards in terms of cleaning. The agitators that accelerate washing speeds can also cause a rough cleaning, which can damage your delicate fabric, leading to wear and tear. Top loader washing machines, when overloaded, can put significant stress on your clothes.

The best front load washing machines however prefer a thorough, deep clean while retaining fabric integrity. A household produces different kinds of laundry, all of which are not from the same material. So most front loading washing machines come with individual fabric settings, which can be manually controlled and customised, to ensure great cleaning without risking your clothes’ condition. You can even choose your water quantity, temperature, and the amount of gentleness. An average front loading washing machine also spins about 33% faster, and this, when combined with the dryer facility can remove about 85% wetness from your clothes, helping them to try faster. This, however, can cause front loading washing machines to vibrate and cause unpleasant noises. Unlike top loading washing machines, they do not allow mold growth, making them more hygienic and easier to clean. 

Environment Friendly:

Top loader washing machines need a higher quantity of water to immerse your laundry completely to work at optimal levels. This water cannot be reused, and is drained by these traditional models, not to mention the models that date back to the ’90s consume huge amounts of electricity to work, and can be costly. 

Front loading washing machines, especially those which are modelled keeping in mind an efficient, an environment friendly sustenance, can significantly lower the water usage, almost upto 65% when compared to top loader washing machines. They can efficiently work with small units of electricity, making it contribute to your green initiative. 

Installation Flexibility: 

Top loading washing machines can occupy a large amount of space, meaning installing and shifting them to other locations around the house will not be easy. 

Front loading washing machines on the other hand can be easily moved from one place to another. They also come in sizes varying from small to large, so they can fit in a significantly small place, like a closet or under your sink. 


Top loading washing machines typically cost more, and older models are prone to repairs and services. 

Front loading washing machines of the latest build come with extensive warranty periods, they are economical in terms of repairs, and even newer front loading washing machines are available in economical models, making them some of the best washing machines in India.

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