Aluminium is a metal that is used in different fields, be it for daily use or for commercial purposes. Its property of being versatile makes it the most common metal in various industries

Metals are all around us. In one way or another, they are an essential part of our life. Metals are not only used for jewellery but in automobiles and home appliances as well. Look around you and notice that steel, copper, and aluminium surround you in one way or another.

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. Aluminium is both lightweight and flexible, which makes it easy to use in every field. Moreover, its properties of conducting electricity have made it a popular metal used in wires. Aluminium wires have been popularized because of the metal’s property of electric and thermal conductivity. Aluminium can be shaped into any form and design to be used in every industry because of the multiple benefits it has to offer.

There are numerous advantages provided by the metal, Aluminium, which are given below:


The transporting cost of the metal adds to your expense as the heavier the metal, the more difficult it will become to transport. Usually, metals are heavyweights; that is why they cannot be mend and designed into different shapes, and even if they do, it involves melting then giving it a different shape. But it is different from Aluminium.

It is light weighted, hence easy to use. Its lightweight makes it easy to transport. As it can be shaped into any design, it is used as aluminium sheets, or as a coil in the wires, or the covering or the wires.

Corrosion resistance:

Metals come in contact with the oxidizing environment that becomes the main cause of the corrosion of the metal, which in turn can cause severe damage to the appliance it has been used. Corrosion of the metal is due to the moisture present in the air.

But Aluminium can resist corrosion like no other metal. It generates a protective coating, so wherever it is used, you can be sure that the metal will not corrode at all. Aluminium comes in contact with the environment, and the protective layer provides natural resistance from the oxidizing environment.


Metals are used in electric wires depending upon their property of conducting electricity. The conducting property of Aluminium makes it the most commonly used metal in electric wires. Being an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, Aluminium is a preferable metal, and with its lightweight, it is the most cost-effective and affordable material as well.

When it comes to conductivity, it is copper that is considered to be an effective metal, but because it is heavy and Aluminium is a third of its weight, the industries consider using aluminium wires.

Reflectivity and ductility:

Aluminium is not only a good conductor but a good reflector as well. It can reflect both light and heat that is why it is used widely in rescue blankets.

Apart from being a good reflector, Aluminium is also ductile and is used in numerous things because it is versatile and flexible to use. Also, metals usually have a typical odor, but Aluminium does not have a smell.


Aluminium is a recyclable material, and you will not have to worry about it losing its property in the process. It is the most used recycled metal, and because of its quality, it is preferred for use in different fields. It is used to make food containers, sheets, boxes, foils for daily household use, and you might have noticed that it is reused in the household more than anywhere else.

Recycling today is important, and the metals used in every industry produce a lot of waste, but what else can be better if one could easily recycle it?

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