Taking care of your dental hygiene is as important as your yearly body check-up. If not every month, a dentist visit every six month is a must when you feel there is nothing wrong with your teeth or gum. Ignoring your dental checkup because you don’t have time or money could cost you much more time and money in the future.

The issue with dental problems is that you won’t even realize that something is budding inside until and unless your dentist tells you or it starts having visible symptoms.

If you are thinking of canceling your next dentist appointment dentist appointment here are some things you might want to take into consideration :


  • PREVENTS PLAQUE, TARTAR AND CAVITIES : If you feel that you brush twice a day and floss and take all the necessary precautions so you can’t develop cavities, then well you are wrong. There are many small areas in your mouth that you can’t reach no matter how hard you try and with time plaque starts to develop over it.

    If you visit your dentist regularly, they might identify the plaque and remove it in the first stage itself but if you don’t the plaque starts to grow and convert into cavities. You won’t even realize you have cavities unless you see black marks on your teeth and your teeth start to hurt a little. Cavities can be avoided with regular checkup and taking precautionary measures in the one step itself.


  • ORAL CANCER DETECTION : There are no early signs or symptoms of oral cancer that you can recognise. If not treated early it could become a life threatening issue. Dentists expertise in recognition of early oral cancer symptoms and if detected early can be treated very easily. It’s very hard to diagnose oral cancer early so it’s always better to visit your dentist because it rises very quickly that would cause much more damage.


  • GUM DISEASE : Gum diseases like oral cancer are hard to detect in the early stages but with time will result in gum swelling, bleeding or teeth falling out. The plaque and tartar not only damages the teeth but result in gum problems too. The tartar when it reaches the point where the tooth is connected to the gum, it makes the gum pull away the tooth. It leads to breakdown of gum tissues and the breakdown of bone that connect the teeth. Your dentist can detect the gum issues in the early stage itself which would save you a lot of pain and money.


  • HEAD, NECK AND LYMPH NODES CHECK : Your dentist would not only check your tooth and gum but also your neck area, jawline, lymph nodes for any abnormalities or any kind of lump, swelling or deformities. If your dentist finds any problem, he will right away refer you to proper medical facilities. Problems in your lymph nodes are not necessarily found by you but could give rise to a much bigger problem like cancer or any other disease.


There are only a few reasons why you shouldn’t cancel your dentist appointment but there are many more. You might not be able to think but dental problems are much more difficult to treat than it seems. Not only would it cause a lot of pain in future but cost a lot of money too.

You might feel that it’s not a big deal but oral problems grow at a much faster pace and will damage your whole mouth in no time. “Precaution is always better than cure” , and this statement is much more true for your dental hygiene.



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