Most people do not know how to use oyo money. Some people don’t even know how it works and that is why this article was written. This article will show you how to use oyo money and how you can get more of it by signing up for their rewards program.

To use oyo money, you first need to download the app. You can find it in both Apple and Android stores by searching OYO Money or visit the website at:

Once you have downloaded the app, how do you sign up? Well that is very simple all you will need is your phone number which they already likely have on file because you downloaded the app. So how do they have it? Well when you download an app, that company usually asks for your phone number (to send you SMS verification codes) and other information like age range, location etc.

Complete Guide In video of How To Use Oyo Money

So once you sign up with oyo money all of this is already in place so whenever someone makes a booking you will already be signed up and ready to go. To make a payment, you can either pay from your balance or use oyo money as an option.

Now how do you get more of the app? Well there is a referral program where if someone signs up with your code then they receive 30 rs. AND YOU GET 20 RS! All you have to do is ask them for your referral code.

If you are wondering how much oyo money it takes for a payment then here is the low down. You can use as little as Rs. 100 or if you would prefer not having any balance on your account, there are no fees to pay using OYO Money at all.


How to use Oyo Money is that it’s very easy and you save a lot of money in gift buying.

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